everyone loves a good story

Each of us has a story worth sharing because the Lord is the "author" of our faith.  What is the story of how the Lord drew you into a relationship with Himself?  Or what has He been doing recently in your life that shows His love, power, or presence?  Our Life Stories page is a great way we can celebrate together all that the Lord has done.  

Stas' Story

Stas was baptized on December 16, 2012. Watch his story to learn what led him to this step of faith.

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Rachel Parsons

Rachel was baptized on 10.21.2012. Watch her story HERE

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Julie Carlson

Julie shares her story of love and loss. Watch her story HERE

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Jesse Lockett

Jesse's story was shared at Berean on February 12, 2012. Watch it HERE

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I don't even know where to start. It has been a long journey, but I am so blessed every day with the Grace of God and what I have been gi...

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Before: What was my life like and where was I headed? Raised in an alcoholic, dysfunctional, and fatherless home, I was filling the Go...

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Rick Schneider

On Sunday, Jan. 29th when I got into the van after church and turned on my phone, I heard a beep indicating that I had a voice mail. It ...

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Mary Ann J

We have been on a house selling journey in 2011. Starting last winter, we went through every cabinet, drawer, closet, etc to closely scr...

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joanne thompson

OK. Today we heard about giving. A few days ago God invited me to be a generous cheerful giver of time. My plan was to quickly buzz into ...

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Will W.

Okay, this is cheating a bit because it isn't my own story, but I was so encouraged by this story of faith that I read recently (on Fox S...

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