On-going Opportunities for Men of Berean



FRIDAYS, 6:30-7:30 A.M. | Beginning March 31 | ROOM 114
WEDNESDAYS, 6:30-8 P.M. | Beginning April 5 | ROOM 115

“You the MAN!” . . . and she loves that about you.

 It’s IN you. You were designed for leading and loving. Every woman looks for this, and thrives when she finds it in you. These eight weeks will help you identify the MAN you already are, but who needs to be drawn into action. If you are married, your wife will notice and respect the MAN you are becoming. 

Teaching Pastor, Roger Thompson leads IronWorks, an 8 week men's Bible study that meets in the fall, winter and spring during the year.  There is live teaching and small group discussion about issues specifically tailored to men.  Come any time, or all the time. 

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real men pray

FriDAYS 6:30 - 7:30 A.M. | room 114

Even when IronWorks concludes our formal teaching series, we will continue to meet for prayer on Friday mornings. You don't need to be a prayer warrior to attend. Just like Jesus' disciples, who asked: "Lord, teach us to pray."  Join us for progress in your praying life, good fellowship, and breakfast afterwards.

adult bible fellowships

sunday mornings

These Sunday morning smaller communities wil help you find a place to belong and will challenge you with practical biblical teaching.  Click here to find a list of offerings.

institute for gospel growth

saturday evenings | SUNDAY MORNINGS

The DNA of Berean is to teach the Bible. These 6-week electives give every man an opportunity to go deeper in his walk both relationally and theologically.  Click here to find a list of offerings.

men of berean baptist church on facebook

Join our "Men of Berean Baptist Church" facebook group to keep up with events, spontaneous activities and to contribute your own ideas and reflections.


Upcoming Opportunities for Men of Berean

Commit! Conference for Men

may 6 | 8:30 AM - 3 PM | berean

"Committed to Winning"   at Work, at Home, in Life

The COMMIT! Conference is a vitamin infusion for your growth and direction. It will challenge you win instead of settle, to move instead of hesitate.  Are you ready to shun complacency and embrace boldness?  Be challenged to step into boldness by Leary Gates and Vince Miller, our featured speakers:

Leary Gates is a Venture Coach with extensive experience in strategic marketing, sales, corporate vision and mission and new venture development. He is the founder and Chief Venture Coach at Lumina Consulting Group. You can hear Leary’s best stuff on the BoldIdea podcast every week.  http://boldideapodcast.com/

Vince Miller invested two decades working with ministries like Young Life, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and the local church. Out of his sanctified discontent with finding a spiritual mentor for himself he founded Resolute, a discipleship and leadership development process for men, in 2014. He felt compelled to build an organization that would focus on one thing: ensuring that men who want to be discipled have the opportunity, and that they can have real tools to disciple other men.

In addition to our main speakers, there will be a chance to break out into smaller groups for specific discussions. Breakouts are designed to give you tools and tracks to make new commitments in your personal, family and occupational life. There will be twelve options to choose from throughout the day. 

It pays to bring a friend!  $15/1, $25/2, $35/3, $40/4   LUNCH INCLUDED 

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REAL MEN DO THIS... learn how you can use your time and talents to make a difference. Check out current opportunities to get involved with the Faith Family and serve together HERE


Roger Thompson, Teaching & Men's Ministries Pastor 
Mendie Skarp, Men's Ministries Associate