We love our tech team!  If it has a button, these guys (and gals) like to push it for the Lord!  If you are technology proficient, please contact Tanner Pinkerman.  This ministry team is made up of volunteers who directly support the worship ministry.  This includes the following ministries:

  • Audio Engineering – house mix and recording
  • Lighting – design, programming and operation
  • Video – production, switching, camera operators
  • Media Resources – tape ministry duplication operators
  • ProPresenter – lyric projection operators

These unique ministries are available to individuals possessing various technical, detail-oriented skills in the operation of sound reinforcement equipment and lighting.  Opportunities abound beyond our weekly Sunday services for sound and light technicians.  Active participants are always needed for special worship services, holiday programs, weddings, recitals, dinners, and various other events at Berean.  Training is available. 

This multi-media ministry has a growing need for willing servants who are technology savvy.  The “video ministry” involves everything that is seen on the screen in front of the sanctuary, including PowerPoint, video clips (both outsourced and Berean originals), live video, digital imagery, video recording and editing.  Training is available. 

Contact:  Tanner Pinkerman, Executive Assistant to Worship Ministries

Drama & Art

The use of drama is an area of continued development as it is being used more often in services and special events.  At this stage, we are seeking people gifted in dramatic expression to help nurture this area of artistic expression.  This might include Scripture reading, storytelling, skit or dramatic portrayal or assistance with Vacation Bible School and Junior High Jamboree and kids clubs.  God is the ultimate Creator and He has given people the abilities to sing, play, act, paint, design and produce things in a unique way that will bring Him glory. 

Contact:  Dana Ward, Creative Arts Manager

 Another aspect of this ministry is stage design and set production.  Vacation Bible School and Children’s Choirs use elaborate sets to help communicate their messages.  We are also in the process of ensuring that the Worship Center platform is reflective of the sermon series.  If you love to paint (even by number) or have a flair for fabric and props.  

Contact:  Tanner Pinkerman, Executive Assistant to Worship Ministries


What is your passion?  Have your found your spiritual gift?  Getting connected and becoming involved in the Berean community will not only benefit your church family, but ultimately will further your spiritual walk.  We have a place for you to “connect” at Berean. 

  • The Guest Center, a.k.a. “Information Desk”, is the first stop for many of our guests.  The volunteers running this area help to direct newcomers (and some who have been around for awhile and are just a bit confused) to Sunday School classes, various Worship experiences and to give them information about Berean. 

 Contact:  Tanner Pinkerman, Connections Coordinator

  • Our greeters help to make our big church seem small.  These friendly people stand at each of our main entrances prior to each service to welcome attendees and to give directions if needed. 

 Contact:  Tanner Pinkerman, Connections Coordinator

  • This area is key for a smooth, meaningful worship experience.  Men and women are needed to assist with many aspects of creating an environment of worship beyond handing out bulletins and seating guests. 

Contact:  Tanner Pinkerman, Connections Coordinator

  •  The Lord’s Supper is celebrated as a congregation monthly, normally occurring on the first Sunday of each month.  Individuals are needed to prepare the trays of bread and juice as well as serve the elements. 

 Contact:  Tanner Pinkerman, Connections Coordinator

  • Berean values the opportunity for all people to worship and be connected with our church community no matter their physical situation.  We provide signing for the hearing impaired regularly during our 8:30 Sunday worship services and for other events upon special request.

Contact:  Clare Boyer, Assistant Music Director

  • We have assistive listening equipment available for those with hearing issues.  Please see an usher for assistance.
  • We have a nurse on duty during all of our morning worship services.  Please contact an usher or a guest center volunteer and a nurse will be paged for immediate assistance.