Faith in Practice Family Journal

by Pastor Ben Holden

The Faith in Practice milestone is one that is practiced during the entirety of one’s life after having made a Faith Commitment. It isn’t a milestone that is accomplished and then moved on from. Parents should look to continually guide their child toward spiritual growth and living out what they believe and God’s call on their life.


The Faith in Practice Family Journal is a resource designed to help you celebrate this milestone.  Families can record key highlights of spiritual growth and actions of faith throughout the year. Once or twice a year (can be more), families can select a time to open their journal and look back on these important moments. It can be a time set aside during a family vacation, a special holiday, or simply a strategic day in the life of the family. Together the family can look back, remember, rejoice, celebrate and praise God for each family member’s key moments of ministry, love, and growth.


Types of entries can include: key moments of Scripture memorization,  reflections on mission trips that were taken, documenting and reflecting on acts of service and love toward others, breakthroughs or accomplishments with spiritual disciplines, or moments of sharing the gospel and celebration of lives changed.


Keeping a journal like this will help to show growth and remind you of what God is doing in the life of your family and each individual. Pick up the new Faith in Practice Family Journal today at the Berean Resource Center located in the Berean Cafe for $15.