Can I Brag for a Minute?

by Dan Goldschmidt

Can I brag about your students for a minute? I know that we usually want to give you resources and information to help you as we partner with you in discipling your kids, but with the start of this new school year behind us, I wanted to take a moment and reflect just a little on how amazing the students in Berean Youth—your kids—have been.


Last year we decided to move upstairs to the worship center for a portion of our Wednesday night program. During this time all the students in grades 6-12 come together for worship and a message. I’m not going to lie, this was a little weird at first… it was different! I have seen students of all grades not just embrace the new opportunities, but grow spiritually because of them.


If I can, I would like to share a few of my favorites with you:

Last year, after hearing a message on unity during a Wednesday night service the 8th grade girls decided to do more with the 6th grade girls. During their small group time a couple weeks later they did smaller break outs, with 8th grade girls leading a discussion with 6th grade girls. As the Middle School Director, I could not be more proud of these girls and their leaders. This was ministry!


One of our goals last year as a staff was for students to lead students in worship. If you follow Berean Youth on Instagram, you now see that our band is full of students playing instruments and singing on the stage leading their peers in worship. It can be easy for students to come on a Wednesday and simply attend. But, this is a group of students who decided they wanted to serve this ministry through worship. And they are really good at it!


This past year we saw students step up and lead, students mentoring other students, students develop a passion for worshiping, students excited about hearing God’s Word and applying it to their lives. Students were excited about going on a missions trip and serving others for the sake of the gospel. And if the past couple weeks are any indication, these students have picked up right where we left off!


I wish I could spend all day bragging about your students. Let me end it with this:

If you have a son or daughter who participates in Berean Youth’s programs, I hope you are encouraged by what they are experiencing and doing on Sundays and Wednesdays.


If you have a middle or high school student who doesn’t currently participate,  encourage them to give it a shot. I know some students can be nervous to try something new for the first time because they don’t know anyone. We work really hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed and is connected in a small group with others their own age. And you never know… someday they might be the one leading their peers in worship!