Father, Son and Fruit of the Spirit

by Tanner Pinkerman

In Team KID this past week, we talked about the Trinity and explained to kids in various ways the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We showed a triangle, we handed out candy corn. I think we nailed it.
In one of the preschool small group breakouts, I heard a report that the Trinity was confidently announced as the Father, the Son, and the Fruit of the Spirit. The next day, my own preschool son described the Trinity as just that. Question is, did he learn that from a preschool friend at Team KID, or was he in fact the culprit?
Regardless, it’s a funny and endearing story. And although sometimes kids don’t get the facts exactly right, they are surely learning something. They are learning about God, about His Gospel, and about the amazing story of Jesus the rescuer who loves and knows us.

So even if the particulars can get a bit skewed, the message is still there.

Team KID is off to a hectic and busy, and yet exciting and wonderful start. We are seeing kids participate in worship, pray for each other, learn about God’s truth, and build relationships. We are grateful for all the wonderful volunteers who have committed to pour into our kids for this ministry year.
To know, love, engage and develop…for the Gospel!