Let’s Celebrate!

by Pastor Ben Holden

Last night was one of our FaithFamily Celebrations at Berean. I love these quarterly gatherings. It is such a great time to worship together, laugh together, pray together, and celebrate child dedications and baptisms. To see parents dedicate their children and commit to take the spiritual lead in the life of their child is incredibly exciting. It is incredibly moving to see people declare that they have gone from death to life and are a new creation in Christ through baptism.


It’s important for us to celebrate and commemorate big moments in our life.
We always make a big deal out of our birthdays, but it isn’t always normal for us to celebrate milestones that we reach or things we see God doing. Celebrating is all about looking back and seeing what has been accomplished, but also looking forward at what is next to come. Celebrations are filled with joy and memories.
Last night was a great reminder for me that celebrations are important. Whether it is celebrating something in my life, an accomplishment that has been reached, or celebrating this in someone else’s life, it is good for the soul and helps to keep me going. It also helps me to see God at work. Accomplishments are blessings from the Lord. When I celebrate them, I can’t help but see God working in my life and in the life of others. It strengthens my faith as I am reminded of God’s promises and that He is faithful in them.


What should you be celebrating as a family?
What has recently taken place or been accomplished that you should pause, mark, and rejoice over? Don’t get caught in the monotony of everyday life or held down in the difficulties we regularly face. Take a look at what God is doing through you and around you…and then celebrate!