Family Discipleship Plan

Your family is part of God’s perfect design for creation. Parents are to impress the commands of God on their children in everyday life as they walk along the road, as they sit at home, when they lie down, and when they get up. But, while this primary responsibility is in your hands, God’s intention is not that you go it alone. The church is meant to partner with you. We want to serve as “another voice” in the life of your child.

Berean has created a strategy to partner with parents providing for maximum spiritual impact in the life of a child. The Family Ministry Discipleship Plan provides a map for parents to follow in the discipleship process of their child and an avenue for the church to train and equip parents.



Discipleship Milestones

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is the first step in discipling your child. During one of our FaithFamily Celebrations, typically within your child’s first 18 months of life, you publicly commit your child to the Lord and devote yourself to taking the spiritual lead in your child’s life. 

In turn, the church body promises to partner with you in guiding your child’s faith development. At Berean we provide training and resources to prepare you as your child’s primary faith trainer.

Core Competencies: Parent as spiritual leader, trainer, evangelist, and discipler

Family Celebration: Child Dedication Celebration | Berean performs Child Dedications during our quarterly FaithFamily Celebrations. To register for our next Child Dedication event, contact Pastor Ben Holden.

Transit Line: Berean Kids

Faith Commitment

Your child’s response to the gospel for salvation is the “Central Station” on our Family Discipleship map. We partner with and equip you to lead your child toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – to help your child understand repentance, receive God’s gift of grace, and to follow through with obedience in baptism.

Core Competencies: Jesus, faith/belief, sin, repentance/confession, forgiveness, salvation, eternity, and baptism

Family Celebration: Faith Commitment Family Meal

Transit Lines: Berean Kids, Preteen, Junior High, Senior High

Faith in Practice

Now your child will learn how to put faith into action. A genuine faith commitment should influence every aspect of life – and we provide you with training and resources to help your child learn to live out this newfound faith and join the mission of the local church. We challenge families to regularly serve God and others together.

Core Competencies: Spiritual gifts, service, the Great Commission, humility/selflessness, the church, missions, prayer, Bible study, and evangelism

Family Celebration: Family Journal

Transit Lines: Berean Kids, Preteen, Junior High, Senior High

Preteen Passage

Between the ages of 10 and 12, kids undergo a lot of physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. As a parent, your task is to prepare your child spiritually, emotionally, and physically for those changes. You’ll teach your child to navigate new realities and thought processes in the context of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will equip you to discuss topics related to physical changes, current culture, personal identity, and a prevailing faith as you prepare your child for life as a teenager.

Core Competencies: Identity in Christ, spiritual growth, spiritual disciplines, theology, and navigating culture

Family Celebration: Road Trip

Transit Line: Preteen

Commitment to Purity

Today’s culture influences teens to view sex, gender, and relationships in ways that are increasingly counter-biblical. Sexual purity is among the biggest battlefronts in the spiritual growth and maturity of our young people. At Berean, we equip you and provide resources to help you teach your child about accountability, healthy friendships, and biblical standards for purity. We are committed to supporting you in the all-important task of engaging in intentional conversations about these topics and maintaining ongoing dialog.

Core Competencies: Biblical purity, healthy relationships, identity in Christ, biblical sex, dating/marriage, and accountability

Family Celebration: Commitment to Purity Dessert

Transit Lines: Junior High, Senior High

Transition to Adulthood

The Bible commands us to disciple our children to become men and women of God. At Berean we equip you to prepare your freshman and sophomore students for adulthood through conversation and instruction on issues such as the roles of men and women, Christian ethics and philosophy, and so much more. Berean supports and reinforces the process through our educational ministry. Through this milestone, students will mentally and practically transition from being a child to a maturing young adult within the home.

Core Competencies: Roles of men and women, Christian ethics and philosophy, being a person of influence, life skills, and spiritual leadership

Family Celebration: Rite of Passage Weekend

Transit Line: Senior High

Life in Christ

Following Jesus is a lifelong journey. Between the ages of 16 and 18, students must develop the practical and spiritual skills to prepare them to live on their own. As a parent, one of your tasks is to keep the lines of communication open – basic apologetics, determining the will of God, dating and marriage, life skills, and other biblical issues become the fodder for discussion and instruction. These critical years of discipleship are a chance for parents to shape the faith of their students and set the tone for oering valuable spiritual advice on into adulthood.

Core Competencies: Authentic faith, apologetics, being an obedient follower, being a disciple maker, generous living, community, and autonomy

Family Celebration: Grad Banquet

Transit Line: Senior High

Milestone Celebrations

Milestones are meant to be celebrated. Take a look at the explanations below, download the celebration guides, and start celebrating how God is working in the life of your child and your family!

Milestone Celebrations Overview

Child Dedication Celebration
Faith Commitment Celebration
Faith in Practice Celebration
Preteen Passage Celebration
Commitment to Purity Celebration
Transition to Adulthood Celebration
Life in Christ Celebration

ParentU Conference

ParentU is all about equipping and encouraging parents, grandparents, and all adults in their influential role as disciplers of the next generation. These events are held biannually. Learn more >>


Ben Holden, Pastor of Family Ministries

Family Events

18dec6:30 pmBerean Youth Christmas Party6:30 pm Berean Baptist Church - Burnsville Campus

18dec6:30 pmJingle JamBerean Kids6:30 pm Berean Baptist Church - Burnsville Campus

17jan7:00 pmPopcorn Movie Night: Women's Outdoor Adventures7:00 pm