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A Summer of Catechisms

June 24, 2019

by Pastor Ben Holden   Another school year has come and gone and summer is once again here. All three of my daughters have been involved with Awana (our Wednesday night kids program) throughout the school year. Through Awana and the partnership of the church and our home, they have been working on memorizing Scripture,…

“Praise You in the Storm” and in all Seasons

June 20, 2019

by Tanner Pinkerman I’m sitting outside on this beautiful summer day, rehearsing my host script for the weekend while listening to and watching my kids play joyfully in a splash pad. I have such a feeling of thankfulness. I’m thanking God for my children, for the wonder of summer, for the beautiful sunshine, for the…

Link: It’s Not My Fault! Helping Your Kids Own Their Sin

June 17, 2019

It’s Not My Fault! Helping Your Kids Own Their Sin by Marty Machowski Machowski shines the light on the art (and brokenness) of blame-shifting, not only in our kids lives, but ours as well. He gives some great tips on how to address it. He starts by sharing where it originated from: “No one taught…

Link: Running on Empty and Refueling Our Souls

June 6, 2019

Running on Empty and Refueling Our Souls by Leslie Ludy “Whenever I’m on vacation, I’ve noticed the stark difference between our culture’s mentality toward “rest and refueling” and that of Christ. Being around vacationers reminds me how we as humans are prone to run to anything and everything but God for our rest and refreshment.”    

A Family Mission Trip

June 3, 2019

by Pastor Ben Holden Have you ever been on a mission trip before? I have had the privilege of going on a few. I was blessed to be able to go on a handful with my church youth group growing up. Domestically I went to inner city Philadelphia twice. I was also able to go…

Big Kid or Little Adult?

May 30, 2019

by Dan Goldschmidt As the Middle School Director, I get to walk along side students and families who are going through a period of life where they experience the most change. And at the core of all this change is the tension of this question… is my child a big kid, or a little adult?…

Resources: RightNow Media

May 28, 2019

by Pastor Ben Holden   Did you know that Berean has made it possible for you to access thousands of Christian video resources? We are pleased to partner with RightNow Media to offer our FaithFamily access to quality Christian programming. This web-based platform allows you to access thousands of videos, Bible studies, shows, and feature-length…

4 Ways You Can Demonstrate the Gospel to Your Children Today

May 23, 2019

4 Ways You Can Demonstrate the Gospel to Your Children Today by Michael Kelley   Teaching our children the message of the gospel is not a one time event. It is a process that takes time, energy, and intentionality. Over time our kids will see and hear the gospel presented to them. Michael Kelley writes…

A Beautiful Picture

May 20, 2019

by Pastor Ben Holden At Berean, we celebrate the ordinance of baptism at each of our FaithFamily Celebrations. We take baptism seriously. It isn’t something that “gets you into heaven” or makes you a Christian. It is simply a public declaration to the church body (and the world) that one has turned to Jesus Christ…

Stop trying to turn lizards into frogs!

May 16, 2019

by Pastor Roger Thompson    You know I’m a pastor and a lifelong student of the Bible.  However, we too often turn men off by projecting that when they mature as Christ-followers they will become pastors and Bible scholars. This is not a good strategy for discipleship!   I’m a FROG. Pastors are like frogs.…