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WELCOME TO OUR UPGRADE   If you have given online before, there is a good chance you'll notice this page looks different than it used to. No worries, you're in the right place! Berean has improved our online giving experience.

First time giving since the upgrade?
Here's what to do:

Step 1

Select a campus by clicking one of the buttons below.

Step 2

Set up a new account. Once inside your campus selector, click the "Login/Sign Up" link in the upper righthand corner to create a new account. Your old username and password won't work here anymore. But you'll only need to sign up one time. After that, the system will remember you.


...our new donation processing platform. Our security through is on par with leading financial services and banking institutions. Transactions are transmitted using 256 Bit TSL/SSL and card data only touches Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant systems. Card details are tokenized, stored, and encrypted on industrial grade servers.

New Features To Users Like You

  • Convenience of giving from your bank account
  • Flexibility to choose your recurring gift date & frequency
  • Make one-time gifts or set up automatic recurring gifts

Stretch Your Donation

  • When you choose to give through your checking account using your routing and account numbers --instead of through your debit or credit card--Berean's processing fees will be significantly reduced. If you would like to help Berean save on overhead, click the button that looks like this at the bottom of the giving form:
  • When you give using your debit or credit card, you may opt to actually pay for the cost of Berean's transaction if you slide the toggle on the giving form to “Cover Card Processing Fees”.


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